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The Mind Shift Consultation.

This Consultation is delivered mainly to Individuals who have been working heavily on themselves for quite some time and are looking at a bit of a boost. 


Something For Everyone

Mind Shift

There are so many options out there when it comes to working, with passion, on your mind. We've come across many a "Guru" who is adamantly set it their ways when it comes to pricing and methodology. We get that. There is a way to maximize your results, either as a client or a mentor.

What we've done here is to take exactly what is needed for many shifts. That could be a full program, a monthly subscription, or one simple hour with someone who can light a hellfire under your awakening soul.

You know what's best for you! We're here to match your passion and point you in the direction you need to go without telling you what to look for.

Need More

Some people are looking for a full program, others are looking for 1 hour of idea-generating time spent specifically and direct, while others still are looking for monthly updates, pointers, guides and ideas. we have options for everyone asking questions.

Mind Shift Consultation